When Is an Emergency Really an Emergency?

At Eden Vacation Rentals, we are streamlining our communications to provide a better service for owners and guests.

Please call our main office number for all enquiries:  407 396 8839

This number is now staffed by the team.  You may get through to Sonya, Tania, or Martha or this number, depending who is on shift at the time.

This means it is a more reliable number to try than Sonya’s cell phone number.  If Sonya is dealing with a guest or in a meeting with an owner she wouldn’t be able to answer the phone, so please try the main number first.


EDEN MAIN ENQUIRY LINE:   407 396 8839


We are still operating the 24-hour emergency line but following a number of non-emergency calls to this number during unsociable hours we are now operating this as an answerphone service where calls can be prioritised before we respond.

We are aware this is a change to the service we offer but we believe this will ultimately help owners because it means you will no longer be charged an unsociable hours call-out fee because one of your guests wants to know how to use the dishwasher at 2am.


EDEN 24-HOUR EMERGENCY LINE:          407 334 7394


Alongside implementing this call triage system, we would like to ask for your help in educating guests about when to use the emergency line.

We’ve developed a guide – featuring some of the real calls we’ve received – that we hope will help you to educate your guests.

It might also raise a few wry smiles with you!

If you’d like to request a .pdf of these guidelines, please email me and I will send you a version you can print off or email to share with your guests.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter,



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