Games Room Makeover

I’m so excited to share these photos with you!

Check out this fabulous transformation of this tired garage games room – all achieved for a total budget of just $1,000 (including labor!).


All told, the job took three days to complete.  Here’s what we did:

  • Cleared out the garage and gave a good clean
  • Painted the walls – 2 coats of masonry paint
  • Painted the floor with floor paint and added sparkles for a extra light and a bit of fun
  • Added wall art
  • Gave the Table Tennis table a new leash of life by spraying with paint

Here’s a close up of the paint job on the floor:


Suddenly this tired old games room was transformed into a space where the whole family could spend some quality time and have fun.  And it’s certainly not such a chore to do the laundry any more!

IMG_5852 - after

If you’d like to overhaul your garage in this way, or simply wish breathe a little life into a slightly tired-looking games room then Eden Vacation Rentals could help.  Call us for a quote on (USA) 407 396 8839.


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