A Booking Marvel

Have you thought about creating a video tour of your home?

Two Eden Vacation Rentals home owners from Cheshire, UK, have had a video tour of their vacation home created and have achieved some amazing booking figures as a result!

See the tour here.

I’m now planning to recommend to all Eden Vacation Rental home owners that they consider getting similar tours of their homes created too – this video has been a booking marvel for home owners Mark and Sue.

The couple purchased their property back in July 2015 and, after honouring a booking taken by the previous owner, set to work on renovating the home with some help and guidance from Eden Vacation Rentals.

They’ve done an amazing job with the renovations.  So we put them in touch with our professional photographer and the video tour agent.  Eden Vacation Rentals dressed the home for the shoot and then the professionals worked their magic to capture the stunning property at its best.

The home has now been actively marketed with the video tour and new photographs for just under four weeks and the couple have already taken a staggering 25 weeks of bookings in this time!

Mark reports one guest telling him: “they had been trawling the internet for a month looking for a vacation property.  They said ‘when we saw the video of your home we knew it was the right one’.”

Marks says this experience isn’t unique: “Since launching the video we’ve noticed that people haven’t been trying to haggle with us or ask for free stuff, they’ve simply been accepting the advertised price and pressing the ‘book now’ button.  It’s been great.”

If you’d like to find out more about creating a video tour for your own property, please contact Eden Vacation Rentals on 407 396 8839.


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