Pool Care

Pool care is one of the most essential maintenance tasks if your vacation rental home has a pool.  After all, that’s where many of your guests are going to spend most of their waking hours in your property.

It’s therefore really important to ensure that your pool area is looked after with good care.

We recommend:

  • a complete wash-down of the pool deck and furniture at least once a week
  • balancing of chemicals once a week
  • a thorough jet wash every three months
  • an inspection of your pool furniture at least once a year, at which point you need to replace items that are damaged or chipped
  • a review of the pool and tiles should be conducted once a year too; chipped tiles can cause nasty accidents.

We usually wash-down the pool area at the same time as we check chemical levels (another once-a-week task).

If it has been requested by a guest, we will switch the pool heat on during a guest arrival check.  We will check the home and wash-down the pool deck and balance the chemical levels in the pool at the same time.

We recommend a jet wash every three months because the dust and sand from rain can accumulate really quickly and interfere with guest enjoyment of the pool area – you don’t want to leave yourself open to bad reviews.  Back-to-back bookings can be quite hard on a pool deck, so during high season we recommend keeping a close eye on the condition of the pool area.

Its important that you check pool furniture and tiles to make sure they are safe for your guests – you don’t want to leave yourself open to paying compensation which can eat in to your profits or, worse, facing legal action.  The Eden team are firm believers that a small investment in preventative maintenance will pay off long term.

For really tired-looking pool decks, we recommend getting them repainted.

We can help home owners to arrange suitable repairs, be there to ensure contractors gain access to the property and oversee the standard of their work.

In fact, we’ve done exactly that this week when one of our home owners needed their pool re-tiled and resurfaced.  As you can see from the images on this blog, the team have done a great job.

If you would like a quote for similar work on your own pool, we are always happy to solicit quotes for work from reliable local contractors on your behalf – or we can direct you to contractors we trust to do a good job.

As always, simply ask me for details.



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